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If you get stabilizer solutions within affordable costs and effective maintenance, then it’s excellent. Static stabilizers are the perfect stabilizer electrical devices rectifying the voltage imbalances with a high-precision of accuracy. We, at Servomax Limited, manufacture custom-fit static stabilizers with standard raw materials, manufacturing processes, and reliable quality control measures.

The Company is equipped with the best tools and technological aids and hosts an experienced team to provide tailor-made solutions. We use IGBT, automation, and other special techniques to design and formulate the static stabilizers. With simple electronic circuits, our products are highly efficient in voltage control. They are even free of annoying maintenance services.

We impart elegant additive features like individual phase control, high-speed voltage correction, and a quick response time of less than 2 milli seconds to make our static stabilizers the best and efficient. They protect against low and high voltages, overload, etc.

Being the best static stabilizer manufacturers in Hyderabad, our products entail many benefits like –

  • Nil Maintenance
  • Less Weight
  • Compact and Assorted Sizes
  • Silent Operations
  • Easy Auto By-Pass Facility

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