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Residential Servo Stabilizer Manufacturers

Protecting household power appliances from short-circuit, over and under voltages, sudden shocks, and so on is important. This is now easy by using residential servo stabilizers. If you are searching for one such product, then Servomax Limited is your right choice. It is the #1 residential servo stabilizer manufacturers in Hyderabad offering its valuable products and services to customers across Pan India and abroad.

Safety at home is the key element – our products satisfy you with high-levels of safety and security.

They protect your equipment from damage due to voltage fluctuations. Besides, we assure the best-safety to the people and pets in the surroundings. Specifically focused on standard strategies we design tailor-made units with capacities ranging up to 250kVA.

Our best residential servo stabilizers accommodate intrinsic feature of individual phase protection to enable a stable voltage supply of 230V for single-phase and 400V for three-phase power applications. We promise the delivery of efficient stabilizers to fulfil several applications at –

  • Villas
  • Apartments or Flats
  • Individual Houses
  • Gated Communities
  • High-Rise Residential Buildings

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