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Assisting distinctive electric and electronic equipment, power transformers have a significant role in voltage control. SERVOMAX LIMITED, the best power transformer manufacturer, is the right choice to acquire trustworthy and high-quality products. It manufactures assorted designs, sizes, and capacities of power transformers to ultimately fulfill its valuable and diversified customer base.

With the renowned brand of SERVOCARE, we promise to supply the best power transformers formulated with customized specifications. Assuring effective and hassle-free performance, our products enable sufficient voltage levels in power generation and power distribution sectors. Servomax Limited offers step-up and step-down small and medium power transformers with capacities up to 16 MVA.

Right from inception, we have been tuned to use the latest leading-edge technologies to enhance the quality, strength, and durability of the products and make them unique and special. We even enable efficient power transformer solutions with the national and international standards inculcated in every level of manufacturing and testing procedures. We are well-known to offer spectacular transformer services to replenish the quality performance.

With excellent features like high voltage power transfer capability, feasible customization deals, longer durability, and greater insulation levels, the transformers are designed well. They are suitably used in –

  • DISCOM and Substations
  • Power Generation Stations
  • Solar and Wind Power Plants
  • Industrial Applications

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