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Not only the best-quality power supply but also appropriate power consumption and utilization are essential. Power-factor, the measure of power users out of total power, is important to consider for anyone. If not, drawing over-currents, unnecessary power consumption, and electrical penalties will have to be faced. Lagging power factors are always evident in many industries.

Automatic Power Factor Control Panels (APFC Panels) are the righteous solutions to maintain the power factor and enable perfect power-based operations. Servomax Limited is one of the best APFC panels manufacturers in Hyderabad.

Following the standard measures, we manufacture APFC panels with cutting-edge technologies to assure good quality power supply. Specialized capacitor banks, galvanized steel, and MCB are used in our products. By maintaining the power factor, they entail many benefits like avoiding lower power factor penalty, preventing manual disruptions, reducing power bills, saving energy, minimizing high-current consumption losses, etc.

With keen observation of our customers’ requirements, the Company provides these panels with capacities ranging up to 3000kVAR. They are suitable used in –

  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Cinema Halls and Multiplexes
  • Cement and Paper Mills
  • BPO Organizations
  • Power Plants
  • Manufacturing Companies & Industries
  • Granite Industries
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Malls
  • Rice Mills

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